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The company Bonavia d.o.o. was established in Osijek in 1994. Our creative department Bonavia Design has been providing our clients with the service of making custom panel furniture since 2009

Upholstered furniture

We produce upholstered furniture made to measure , depending on your preference and the size of your space . A wide range of materials and colors combine range of textile renowned manufacturer Textum.

School facilities

Comfortable classrooms and practical furnishings guarantee a quality learning environment.

Catering furniture

Having a stylish bar or restaurant is a guarantee of success and unique offers. We offer complete designing of your bar or restaurant, combined with making custom furniture for the same. This is what will give your place a new, unique dimension that will be recognized and appreciated by your guests.

Commercial areas

Having attractive retail space will surely attract and maintain the attention of buyers.


In 2014 we extended our offer to include equipping of all kinds of laboratories with furniture and other laboratory equipment. The furniture has been tested by an accredited testing laboratory and has appropriate certificates.

Office furniture

Functional furniture in line with modern trends is the recipe for an office you will not want to leave. Let the time you spend in the office become one of your daily pleasures.



Bonavia Design takes great care of the environment, through the separation and recycling of various types of waste and the most energy-saving energy policy. Metal waste, chipboard, sawdust, stretch film, paper, cardboard, plastics and other waste are separated into separate containers and are disposed of exclusively through public utilities and other waste management companies.

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